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Escape Rooms Limassol, Cyprus

Puzzle 3041 Escape Rooms - Solve puzzles and escape the room... the clock is ticking!

2-6 participants 60mins


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Puzzle 3041 Escape Rooms Limassol- Can you escape?


Escape rooms are the new trend around the globe. Puzzle 3041, bring the highest quality experience and put your skills and wits to the test. Escape room Limassol, Cyprus, have the most advanced escape technologies and intelligent scenarios. Be creative and we guarantee a truly unique experience. All reservations for our escape rooms Limassol, can be made in the Book Now section.


Come and play our escape rooms in Limassol, Cyprus, to experience the most unique and interactive form of entertainment. Furthermore, get locked in a room, full of hidden clues and puzzles and see if you’re able to free yourselves. Will you be able to collaborate with your team, think creatively and escape, before the time expires? Can you Escape and be one of our Top Teams? Challenge your mentality, like never before!


Puzzle|3041 Limassol, Cyprus , contains challenging and fun puzzles that you have to solve, within sixty minutes! Moreover, many clues are hidden in the rooms, as also codes that open boxes, doors or crates. No special knowledge or skills are required. We challenge your mind in the most interactive and adrenaline raising environment. Our only advice? Move as quick as you can, before the time runs out! Come escape with us!

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Friends & Families

Want a special and unique activity for your friends, or family? Our Escape Rooms in Limassol, Cyprus is an outstanding activity, everyone will love! Escape games are a new brain and pulse raiser, for every age. Book Now and spend some amazing time with your friends or family. Ultimately, don’t forget to check our Photo Album


Hanging out in town and got tired doing the usual tourist attractions? In Puzzle Escape room Limassol, you can have a blast with your travelling companions and explore the fun side of the city. Indeed, one of the
top things to do in Limassol. Puzzle 3041 Escape Rooms, are located in the heart of the city, perfect to fit between your other activities.


Do you love escape games on the internet? Then, Escape rooms are the activity that you have to try! They both have the same logic, but escape rooms, are in real life, and the player inside it, is YOU! Think you are a pro on Online Escape Games? Come and put your skills to the test, in our fully themed escape rooms.

Team Building

Collaboration and teamwork are the essential factor of success! Hence, Escape rooms are designed, in order to create social interaction and build team chemistry. Puzzle 3041 takes Team Building to a whole new level. Create the desirable cohesion in your workplace and give your employees something to talk about!


Answers to common Escape Room related questions.

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room, is a 60 minutes, adventure live game ideal for 2 – 6 people. Complete challenges, solve puzzles and find all the necessary clues to escape the room!

Who is the experience for?

Couples, friends, colleagues, teams, families, employees and ages from 7 to 90 can play in our escape rooms.

Are we really locked inside the Escape Room?

Yes, the exit door is locked, but you can use the emergency button, during the whole time of the game. Furthermore, our game master will open the door for you! However, in that case you will not be allowed back in, to complete the escape room’s mission.

Will it be too difficult for me?

It actually depends, on how well you work in a team and on your level of concentration under pressure. Hence, Escape rooms are designed to be challenging, but not impossible.

What happens if we can’t solve the puzzles?

In that case you will be locked in FOR EVER! Just Kidding! If you get stuck, the game master, will give you some hints to help you! Indeed, many teams get close, but can’t escape in time. At the end, the game master will unlock the door and you can ask questions about the clues you couldn’t find.

How much does it cost?

Puzzle 3041 is 13-29 euro per person depending on the size of the booking group, the duration of the game and the theme of the game. However, biggest groups have lower prices per person.

What should I wear?

You can come with your usual clothes. For this reason, no extreme physical activity is required in the escape room. It’s your brain that you will have to use, make sure you will bring that!

When and where should I arrive?

You should come 10 minutes earlier and the location details and map can be found here. If you are late, unfortunately you will have less time to escape the room. The next group will have to enter at the predetermined time. So, please be on time. If something occurs, give us a call.

What Is The Language?

Puzzle 3041 escape rooms, are kind of an international game. Puzzles and codes are working, with no need of using any language. However, the game master will help you using the Greek or English Language.

Should I book in advance?

Yes, reservations are necessary as rooms are booked most of the times! You can bool online easily! Click the book button and fill your personal details and the required fields in the form. A confirmation email will be sent to you if everything was done right! In case you can’t send an email, you can give us a call on: 0035 72 50 13 284.

Any tips or suggestions?

  1. The easiest way to break free from an escape room, is by communicating efficiently with everyone in the room. Share clues you have found with the rest of the team. Likewise, be sure that everyone knows any new information you discover.
  1. Follow the rules, our stuff will tell you before the game begin.

    To conclude, the most basic rules are:

  • Don’t move or lift heavy objects. There are no clues there!
  • Don’t use force, trying to open locked stuff.
  • Don’t try to climb on things, in order to find clues.
  • If you break something by disobeying those rules you have to pay for it.
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones should be off and can’t be used in the escape room.
  • No clues are hidden in electrical outlets.
  1. If you want to have some drinks, please plan to do it after the game in Puzzle 3041 escape room Limassol, ends. All your brain cells must work 100% while you are locked in the room. NOTE that if you appear under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated, you will not be allowed in the escape room.

Are there nearby places to eat, drink, or get coffee after the game?

Definitely yes – there are many places within a few meters of our building. We are located south of Saripolou Square, one of Limassol’s most lively neighbourhoods.

Is there on-site parking?

Don’t worry about that! There are a lot of parking places around our location!

How to get in Puzzle 3041 - Escape rooms, from Paphos and Larnaca Airports?

You can find how to move around with Public transport on “cyprus by bus” and “Cyprus web portal“.  Alternatively, you can book a transfer from Paphos airport or a transfer from Larnaca airport here, in order to enjoy your holidays in Cyprus!

The only ONE with 100% 5 Stars Rated Fun and Games attraction in Cyprus


Athinon 14-18, Limassol
Cyprus, 3041
(In view of Saripolou Square)

Georgiou A’ 85, Germasogeia Limassol Cyprus, 4048 (Inside Tsanotel Hotel)

+357 25 013 284

Escape room Limassol