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Puzzle 3041 Team Building activities

Puzzle 3041 introduces one of the most effective team building activities ever created! Researches have shown that escape rooms are one of the best activities for Team building! We created for you, a high quality Team Building activity, to test the skills and creativity of your team. We rise your adrenaline levels to the maximum and challenge your mind in the most interactive way. Get locked in a room full of hidden codes, items and puzzles. Are you able to escape on time? Our escape rooms, includes intelligent scenarios and technologies, designed to create the necessary chemistry between the members of a group. That’s the main reason, Escape Rooms considered to be one of the top, Team Building activities for companies and organizations.

Escape rooms, do not require special skills or knowledge. On the other hand, cooperation is essential for the successful completion of the game! Undoubtedly, Escape room, Team Building activities are a really pleasant change for employees! Give them the opportunity, for an experience that will be remembered around the office for a long time!!


How does Escape Room, Team building activities benefits the group?

Escape rooms, are the best method to improve company’s efficiency, enhance social relations and define roles within teams. Here on Puzzle 3041 we provide you with the unique experience of escape rooms. Let your employees practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic and creativity under high pressure. Puzzle 3041, is beyond the established Team Building activities. Through puzzles, hidden clues and logic games, teams will have to rely on each other, to achieve the goal. Through Team Building activities, corporate groups have the opportunity to maximize their performance in the workplace, as they “play” with their colleagues in a high pressure environment. Furthermore:

  • Puzzle 3041Team building activities, encourages colleagues to interact with each other and express themselves freely, in a manner less likely in a working environment.
  • They will have to use their mental abilities and observation skills, in an attempt to withstand pressure and stress.
  • It brings colleagues closer.
  • They will know each other better.
  • This type of Team Building activities, allowing them to think creatively, while facing the challenges involved in the escape.
  • It creates a sense of achievement between groups.


Team Building & Skill Enhancement

This unique team building activity, gives your staff the opportunity to have fun, while you analyze the skills of your team in a fun and exciting environment. The game does not require any special physical condition, so it is a safe choice for all types of employees. Inside the Escape Room, the group should have characteristics similar to those required to make a business succeed. What we mean;

  • Communication – Share items you find, with your team.
  • Leadership – Who has the necessary leadership characteristics to coordinate the team?
  • Strategic planning – Create an action plan and set priorities.
  • Listen – Open your mind and listen what other members have to say.
  • Think outside the box – Analyze data and think creatively.
  • Teamwork – cooperate in order to escape the room as a group.
  • Positive Thinking – Believe in yourself, your team and do not give up.

In order to succeed, you must have confidence, excellent communication and teamwork skills. All members must be able to take decisions under pressure and to operate in harmony and cohesion. Can your team collaborate and think creatively, in order to escape before time runs out? The perfect product, the best marketing or the best machines means nothing without teamwork! Our Puzzles are designed to give you the absolute entertainment and at the same time enhance the team spirit!

Find the name of your team and send us your request to arrange your private team-building now!

  • Able to host multiple teams of six in our place.
  • Able to organize a full day event.
  • Able to setup an outside unique activity. (Escape Room, Survivor Games, City Hunt…)
  • Able to come to your place for a day full of activities.

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