Birthday Parties

Escape Room – Birthday Party!

Got bored of the old fashioned birthday party? This is the chance to make your birthday party special and test your problem-solving skills and logic! You will have 60 minutes, to find the hidden clues and codes, in order to Escape the Room, before time expires!! We have the most intelligent and fun scenarios, as also the most innovative technology. Our Escape Rooms, are the most interactive and unique type of entertainment. Can you collaborate efficiently with your friends and think creatively, in order to escape? Challenge your mental abilities under pressure, like never before! Puzzle 3041 Escape rooms, can be also modified for kids, so that they won’t need adult help to escape! So, if you need a unique idea that will make your next Special Day or Birthday memorable…

Try, Puzzle 3041 Live Escape Rooms! Escape room birthday parties at Puzzle 3041 are the best in town and full of fun!!! This will be an event like nothing you have experienced before!

~Follow the clues~
~Solve the puzzles~
~Find the key~
~Escape the room~

Enjoy two or three hours of entertainment! Sit back, relax and enjoy the party! We will do all the rest! Our facilities include a variety of birthday party packages and can accommodate small or large groups.

Party Packages include:

  • Private Party Hostess
  • Party Decoration
  • Decorative Tableware
  • One, Two or Three Escape Room Games
  • Food and Beverage

If you want to check the availability for your birthday party, in puzzle 3041 Escape rooms, give us a call! We guarantee, that you and your friends will have the most special experience.

BEST PARTIES EVER!!! Nobody Does A Birthday Party, Like Puzzle 3041! Enjoy an amazing party time!

For more info contact us:

+357 25013284

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