Book Saripolou

Release the Kraken

An old diary was found at the shore of a Caribbean Island. At its last page there were references to a mythical creature, so savage that no one has ever met before.

La Casa de Papel

la casa de papel – After five months of preparation by the “Professor”, the biggest robbery in the history of Spain has begun. It’s been 72 hours since you entered the Mint and you have been surrounded by both the police and the Special Forces.

The Conjuring – Live Performance

In a forgotten, dark basement, evil spirits call you. Your fear and your curiosity, their greatest strength! Will you respond to their call ..?

The Perfect Crime

It looks like a perfect crime has been committed. Authorities have no clue, about who the serial killer is and people are talking about the perfect crime. You and your team of detectives, have to solve the mystery.

The Ritual

Something is coming and it’s thirsty for blood! A shadow appears, across the wall behind you and swallow you in the darkness. Time has lost its meaning. Fear is your only companionship and death is the best that could happen to you…