Top things to do in Limassol, Cyprus

Puzzle 3041 | Top things to do in Limassol, Cyprus

Planning to visit our beautiful island and wondering which are the top things to do in Limassol, Cyprus? Since, locals are always the best source to get such kind of advice, that’s why we made this article for you!!! In fact, Limassol was ranked 3rd, in Trip Advisor’s listing, of the Top 10 Global Traveller’s Choice Destinations on the Rise. The listing was compiled solely by the reviews of the 32 million members of Trip Advisor. The following top 10 Destinations in the world,  received the greatest increase in interest and positive feedback, year on year.

1. Da Nang, Vietnam
2. Sihanoukville, Cambodia
3. Limassol, Cyprus
4. Ao Nang, Thailand
5. Bodrum City, Turkey
6. Naha, Japan
7. Hurghada, Egypt
8. Kazan, Russia
9. Manaus, Brazil
10. Eilat, Israel

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Limassol Facts

Without any doubt, Cyprus is paradise on earth, full of exciting things to do in Limassol and countless unforgettable moments to experience. But now, lets see some facts!!! The town is also known as ”Lemesos” and is located on the southern coast of Cyprus. With an urban population of about 170.000 people, consequently is the second largest city in Cyprus. Limassol, has 16 kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches along the Mediteranean Sea. The town has a long history and has been inhabited since 2000 BC, accordingly to the ancient remains, found in the area. Furthermore, the town can blend its ancient past with modernisation and its relaxing sandy beaches with historical and cultural tours, in the most unique way.

Limassol has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers,  mild winters and pleasant and warm springs and autumns. In the summer period, temperatures range between 20 °C (68 °F) to 40 °C (104 °F) during July and August. Things to do in Limassol, Cyprus include a wide variety of places to visit and activities to do. The long list of attractions, can satisfy every type of visitor. Party animals, families, adventurers or history enthusiast? The things to do in Limassol Cyprus, will surely exceed all expectations! So, lets find out the top things to do in Limassol.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Some fun things to do in Limassol


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top things to do in Limassol Cyprus


Fasouri Watermania is the biggest Water park in Cyprus, with over 100.000 square meters and 30 different water slides. In addition, you will find a football pitch, snack bars and two restaurants. Thousand of tourists and locals visit watermania every day, in order to have some fun. Fasouri, is the ideal attraction for friends, families and children to have an exciting day out. It operates from May to October and buses are available from Limassol’s tourist area, directly to the Waterpark.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Things to do in Limassol Nightlife

Limassol’s nightlife offers the visitor a huge amount of choices, with some of the hottest bars, beach bars and open air summer clubs in Cyprus. International DJ’s, fashion shows, parties and live events happening every day, during the summer period. Bars and Nightclubs, are located in Limassol’s centre, in the tourist area, and the old city. Saripolou Square is located in the centre of the old town. You will find dozens of bars, with drinks, cocktails and music for every taste. Moving from one bar to another, you will surely find the perfect pace for you.

  • Rote Club, right in the heart of the old town is the place for dance lovers to be. Rote, is located at Heroes Square and is ideal for electronic music enthusiasts. The club is hosting musical events, where international artists of different music styles are performing every summer. Deep house, trance, techno house and other popular styles, in combination with the best possible audio quality, will create the most amazing musical experience.
  • Retro nightclub, stays 100% true to its name, with music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. If you don’t want to go far away, you should try the tourist area on the coast of Limassol, with plenty of Bars and English pubs.
  • If you need a pint of beer and something to eat, then you should go to the Woodman’s Pub, or the Nags Head Pub. and if you are a hard rock music fan, then you must visit Tepee Rock Bar.
  • Rumours club, got a mix of RnB, pop, rock, disco and house music..
  • If all those bars and clubs were not enough for you, go to Elite club, where you can dance until the first morning hours.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Open air nightclubs & bars

During the summer season you can also find a lot of open air nightclubs and bars.

  • Guaba Beach Bar is one of the most popular places and in 2014 took the 13th place in the list with the best clubs in the globe. It is located directly next to the sea and on Sundays you will find some of the worlds most famous DJ’s.
  • Breeze Summer Club, is probably the most popular nightclub in Limassol. It offers an extensive summer program with live performances by popular bands, singers and DJs.
  • Finally, Dolce is one of the most glamorous clubs in Limassol, with pop, RnB, house, rock, disco, and Greek music.


Top Limassol Beaches – things to do in Limassol

Ladies mile

Just a few miles away from the town centre, Ladies Mile beach offers the most unique relaxing experience and is a must, thing to do in Limassol. Furthermore, it is located really close to Limassol port and can be reached in approximately 10 minutes from the town centre. About 8 kilometres long, with warm, clean, shallow waters  and flat sand, the beach is easily accessible to the public. You will find Water sports, windsurfing as well as many other facilities, like umbrellas and sunbeds. Lot of restaurants and taverns, are located along the length of the beach, so food and drink wont be a problem. Last but not least, if you wonder about its funny name, Ladies Mile was the horse of a former governor of the island.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Akti Olympion A, Beach

Akti Olympion is a 2 kilometers long and 40 metres wide beach, with cyclist lanes, widened footpaths and parking places. It is located in the town of Limassol, is the continuation of Akti Olympion B and is offering a variety of amenities to visitors. The dark grey sand and its calm waters due to the promenade, makes the place perfect for families and children. The facilities include showers, toilets, changing rooms, umbrellas, sun beds and water sports. Along the beach you can find bars, cafes, restaurants and other facilities such as beach volleyball court, children’s playground, accommodation and shopping. Moreover, an innovative system with a special wheelchair and the assistance of lifeguards, ensure that disabled people will have the easiest access to the sea. Akti Olympion is for sure, a top thing to do in Limassol.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Pissouri Beach

A really beautiful bay between the hills, with a unique scenery. Pissouri is the most popular beach along this stretch of coastline. Some kilometres outside of Limassol, Pissouri Bay is a pleasant beach, with bars and taverns serving delicious food. The beach is about 2 kilometers long, with rock cliffs on both sides. It’s mainly sand with some pebbles in the middle and you can find water-sports and other amenities. Pissouri, is also a very popular winter destination and at the moment is a tasteful resort to visit, near Limassol.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Governor’s Beach

Took its name from a former British Governor that used to spent his time in the beach. Governor’s Beach has shallow clear water, perfect for families with children. The beach is located about 30 kilometres east of Limassol and is accessible with daily bus service. The beach lies at the bottom of some huge white cliffs and is perfect for snorkelling and fishing. You can explore one of the trails through the nearby hills, or you can have some food on the restaurants of the area. The beach is really good for children too, as the waters are shallow and they can play safe.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a small sandy beach in Agios Athasasios, in the heart of Limassol. In the area, you can find shops, hotels, restaurants and many other activities, such as sailing, canoeing, and dinghy training. Facilities, include showers, toilets, changing rooms, umbrellas and sunbeds. Miami beach has dark grey sand and clean and calm waters, due to the breakwaters that protect the bay from winds. The beach is next to Dasoudi Beach and the access is easy on foot, bike, or car, with parking place available. Furthermore, the beach has disabled access and lifeguards with the necessary lifesaving equipment. In conclusion, Miami beach is a small beach in town, ideal for swimming and happy moments on the sand.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Aphrodite Beach

The beach is located between Limassol and Paphos. It is the mythical birth place of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Romantic people gather from all over the world, to see the most famous and mythical spot on the island. Aphrodites beach is a sandy shore, with dark grey sand and pebbles. Furthermore, is a relaxing and quiet place, with eucalyptus, acacias and palm trees along the coastal footpath. You can find all the necessary facilities, like showers, toilets, changing rooms umbrellas, sunbeds, and two beach bar-restaurants, as also a small car parking. Nevertheless, don’t forget to visit the area during sunset and you will have an outstanding experience.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Things to do in Limassol old Town

One of the top things to do in Limassol, is to explore the old town, the most interesting part of the city. Limassol’s old town comprises a series of narrow streets radiating out from the city’s old harbour. Shops restaurants, cafes and historic attractions surround the main square, therefore is one of the most popular places for tourists. Walk on Anexartisias, the most popular shopping street, and grab some Cypriot souvenirs for presents. Best ideas are, wine, olive oil, leather shoes and accessories and local honey. Be sure that you will find the opportunity to try cold Zivania, the famous local spirit, made from grapes. Don’t forget to visit:

  • Limassol’s Castle – In the centre of the main square you will find a 14th century, Byzantine construction, the Limassol castle. That’s the place where Richard the Lionheart married his wife Berengaria and crowned her as the Queen of England. The interior of the castle is the home of the Medieval Museum. There is a fine collection of armours, jewellery, religious objects, coins, woodcarvings and weaponry. It was erected during the crusades and was later used by the Ottomans as a defensive fort and a prison.
  • Sculpture Park – Don’t forget to stop at Limassol’s Sculpture Park, which is hosting beautiful sculptures of famous artists. You will find the park, along the 16 kilometre beach path, starting from the old port.
  • Agia Napa Cathedral. – Take the opportunity and visit Agia Napa cathedral, designed in Greek Orthodox architecture, on the edge of Limassol’s old town.

 top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Ancient Amathus

According to mythology, ancient Amathus was the place that Theseus abandoned Ariadne, after his battle with Minotaur. Ancient Amathus was one of the royal cities of Cyprus until 300 BC. Some of its remains can be found today in front of Agios Tychonas, about 6 miles east of LimassolDuring the Roman period, Amathus was an important port city, that was exporting timber and copper. Eventually, the city started to crumble after a series of earthquakes during the 4th century. Agora is the most visible feature, with a number of walls and pillars. On the hill above Ancient Amathus, there is the Temple of Aphrodite and Acropolis. Finally, at the bottom of the hill is Byzantine basilica.

 top things to do in Limassol Cyprus

Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina, is next to the heart of town centre, making it a landmark for tourists and locals. The architectural design of the Marina, was done in such a way, to blend nicely with the surroundings. It includes the development of commercial and residential units, as well as other buildings for cultural purposes. The Marina enhanced Nautical Tourism and made Limassol, one of the top yachting destinations. Moreover, the project significantly contributed to the upgrade of the area.

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus 

See you in Limassol

Throughout time, Limassol was well known as the town of entertainment and fun. Famous for the hospitality of local people, medieval castles, archaeological sites, first class hotels and the best nightlife in Cyprus. In a word, this year Limassol is the perfect place to be. After your first visit, Limassol will be the destination, you want to visit, again and again!

top things to do in Limassol Cyprus